Jan 19, 2011

At this moment in history...

...a relatively meaningless blog post was published.

Oct 28, 2009


Getting the mail is inevitably somewhat disappointing. Every day, the mailbox holds nearly infinite possibilities. Then you actually check it and the possibilities collapse down to bills, ads, and your roommate's magazine.

Mar 2, 2009

Things I Wrote Instead of My Lincoln Paper – Part 2

Why was it not necessary for me to "struggle with" or to "find" my identity as a young white man in America? Why was I never compelled to "discover what it meant to be" the son of married, white, middle-class, suburbanite parents?
Is this role, by virtue of its ubiquity or (real or artificial) 'normalcy,' already defined for me by society?
Or did I, in fact, find or develop an identity (or was I born with one?), but so organically that I failed to take note of the occurrence?
If that be the case, why should (for example) a black man of separated, mixed-race parentage have so much harder a time of it? Is, perhaps, the finding of an identity — or the curiosity about it — the real artifice, expected of non-'normal' youth by that great force of "society?"

Things I Wrote Instead of My Lincoln Paper - Part 1

Lincoln explains himself all too well.  How is one supposed to write a paper arguing that he was anti-savery, when he says things like "I have always hated slavery" and "I am ... anti-slavery?"  There is no argument!  Everything he says, he explains somewhere when he thought so, how and why he thought so, with and to whom he thought or said so, whether he has ever changed his mind, and everything else that one might normally expect to extract by analysis.

Jan 20, 2009

President Obama

Yes!! I just had to say it!

Nov 11, 2008

Nov 9, 2008